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Disaster / Recovery & 24/7 Back-up

VISION247’s consolidated disaster recovery system provides a complete storage solution offering fast data recovery to help ensure business continuity. Our in-house MCR team offer around the clock 24/7 technical solutions and maintenance, ensuring content is distributed, and our client’s channels stay on air.

Disaster recovery services (DR), including a dynamic backup system for channel playout, standby transmission, and content archive, enables our clients to stay the course regardless of disruptions, with a reliable contingency plan designed to sustain uninterrupted brand integrity and revenue protection.

We offer fully customised DR solutions ranging from geographically diverse storage for content all the way up to 24/7 full mirroring of playout with synchronised encoding and transmission. In the event of a primary facility emergency, or simply to enable offline testing, our DR services can help achieve peace of mind and unparalleled reliability.

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